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The Ideal Study Companion

PracticePerfect for Civil Procedure is a new, visually engaging, interactive study aid designed to help you review the core topics and test your ability to recall and correctly apply the law covered in your assigned Civil Procedure casebook. Developed by a team of experts in the field of Civil Procedure, including Joseph W. Glannon—creator of the popular Glannon Guide series and author of the Examples & Explanations titles on Civil Procedure and Torts—as well as Andrew M. Perlman and Linda Sandstrom Simard, Practice Perfect: Civil Procedure is the ideal study companion for today’s law students.

PracticePerfect comprises a video library covering all course topics, multiple-choice quizzes to help you test your knowledge, progress trackers to help you gauge your learning based on quiz answers, and a unique confidence dashboard to let you know how confident you can be that you know Civil Procedure. Designed to work with all major casebooks, PracticePerfect is delivered through, the learning platform you already use to access your Wolters Kluwer casebooks.

Students agree, "These videos helped me to better understand course concepts and hypotheticals."

Be Confident You Know Civil Procedure

The confidence dashboard shows your scores by topic and subtopic, provides a personalized recommendation of which quiz to take next, and features a Confidence Level that indicates your overall understanding of Civil Procedure.

The dashboard incorporates a time element to let you know if your confidence in a topic or score might be decreasing, so you know when it’s time to retest and refresh your memory.

PracticePerfect Confidence Dashboard

PracticePerfect Is an Award-Winning Educational Solution


Best Emerging Instructional Technology Solution
2020 SIIA CODiE Award

The Gold 2020 Stevie Winner

Postsecondary Learning Solution Gold Stevie® Award Winner
2020 International Business Awards®

The Golden Bridge Awards

Learning Capacity-Building Solution Gold Winner
2020 Golden Bridge Business and Innovation Awards®

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