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Connected Quizzing
Improve learning outcomes
Enhance Your Learning
Connected Quizzing is the easy-to-use formative assessment tool available on Casebook Connect, featuring high quality quiz content and individualized feedback that is proven to improve learning outcomes.
If your professor has assigned Connected Quizzing to enhance your learning, you will receive assigned quizzes throughout the semester that will help you master your course material. For each quiz, you will receive detailed feedback designed to help you improve in class. You will be able to pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses by topic and see how you stack up compared to your classmates. You also will be able to deepen your understanding by reviewing the detailed rationale provided for each question and referring to the recommended reading keyed to your textbook.
Learn, Assess, and Get Meaningful Feedback
Improve learning outcomes
Timely, powerful reporting
Solidify your understanding
Quizzes are designed to help students master the assigned course material throughout the semester.
Connected Quizzing is an Award-Winning Legal Education Solution
Connected Quizzing
Postsecondary Personalized Learning Solution Gold Stevie® Award Winner
2020 International Business Awards®
Connected Quizzing
Student Assessment Solution Gold Winner
2020 Golden Bridge Business and Innovation Awards®
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