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Maximize Your Law School Experience
Casebook Connect is the most empowering collection of digital learning tools for the modern law student. The Casebook Connect platform provides an intuitive, enhanced reading experience combined with a variety of powerful study and analytical tools to offer a personalized, measurable approach to learning the law.
The Connected Law School Suite
Each product on the Casebook Connect platform is designed to support law students at every stage of their law school career and maximize student success.
The New and Improved Connected eBooks
What premium law school support looks like
Connected Casebooks are now called Connected eBooks, but the name isn't the only thing to change. The new Connected eBook experience provides a variety of enhanced reading and learning tools, including a practical split screen display that enables you to create highlights and annotations in real time while editing your outline or case brief in the same screen. We've also enhanced the highlighting tool capabilities and so much more, so that nothing stands in your way of learning the law. Watch the video to learn more about the new Connected eBook experience.
The Connected Law School Suite is an Award-Winning Legal Education Solution
What Law Students Are Saying about the Products on Casebook Connect
"I really appreciated having the digital casebook functionality, especially for classes where case briefing was essential. Being able to copy/paste relevant text into my briefs and outlines was a huge timesaver. I had one class that did not offer a digital book copy and case briefings took so much longer as a result."
Whether you need to purchase your Connected eBooks or digital products for class, or are looking for supplemental materials to help you improve your learning outcomes, you’ve come to the right place. Casebook Connect products are sold on AspenPublishing.com, in your campus bookstore, and on major online reseller sites.
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